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  1. Make payment of registration fee by transferring fund to: Account name: Maejo University (ICGCP)
  2. Account name: Maejo University (ICGCP)
  3. Account No: xxx-x-xxxxx-x
  4. Bank name: Bangkok Bank, Thailand
  5. Branch: Maejo University
  6. Swift address: “BKKBTHBK”
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Green and Clean Politic is a political ideology that aims to create clean politics and public administration that is responsible for ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, governance, social justice, and participatory democracy

Issues & The Disciplines/field.

  • Democratic Politics and Governance
  • Policy and Public Policy Administration
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Management
  • Strategy of Development Administrative
  • Good Governance
  • New public administration
  • Local Development Administration
  • Public Administrative Reform

Location for the conference

Maejo University Chiangmai, Thailand