• "Green  Society  humanities  and  Health"
  • "Green  Society  humanities  and  Health"

General Information

Nowadays, Interdisciplinary Studies play important roles in knowledge development for both scientific and social economic frontiers...

Abstract of review/research articles in all interdisciplinary studies are welcome.....

The aims of this conference include"

  • To provide a public stage for academic/research presenatation at international level.
  • To facilitate an exchange of knowledge and academic/research experiences.
  • To encorage the development in academic researches and the betterment in economics, society, and politics at both national and regional levels.

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  • Health and Wellness
  • Green Society Technology
  • Science
  • Humanities & Health
  • Humanites & Social Sciences
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Culture
  • Sports Science & Health
  • Education & Physical Education
  • Public Health & Health Promotion
  • Etc.


Maejo Univerisity is a degree-granting institute that attempts to educate students in practical agriculture, aiming to prepare them for agricultural pursuits. MJU strives to nurture and develop its graduates to become technically competent, besides being culturally and scholarly matured thereby, able to contribute to the future of the country.